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What’s Angapp?

We would love to tell you who we are but it is rather better and quicker to tell you who we are NOT, first.

We are not a common label,

We don’t make false promises,

We are not thieves of your works,

We do not hide your achievements,

We do not speculate on your art,

We are not like the other labels.

Angapp is born out the need of several artists who dream of an ethical to develop the projects in a harmonious environment, to  distribute their own music in the world and to grow their fan-base.

Why do we do this ?

We are a network of independent artists mainly located in Bari in Apulia.

Angapp is an independent label that aims to discover hidden talented artists , helping them to develop and promote their projects in harmony by  creating interaction between the artists and network resources.

Which Services do we Give ?


Angapp aids  artists of the network by integrating and sharing resources. Whenever  one of our artists need a build to produce his design, we offer our buildings and our instruments, just asking a minimum grant . We take care (if necessary)of  other aspects related to production such as: the creation of the artwork, the photobook and press kits. The network is tested to provide high performance at minimal cost.


“How many copies of my record can you  print?” This is the most common question that all the artists turn to us and too often it does turn out to be only an excess of ego and materialism. We’ d  rather  prefer to ask you another question: How  wise is to print copies out in music discs market Nowadays ? Angapp is affiliated with the largest digital distributors in Europe and the world; This allows us to distribute the works into  more than 50 digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Music, Beatport, Tidal …) and in almost 250 countries around the world. Printing physical copies is a very costly next step that we take into account whenever  there is evidence of live performances already scheduled.


We can’t ensure to turn talent into fame but we can ensure to try it rightly.

The promotion is an area of extreme importance in the music business processes. Because of the glut of products on the market, the quality does not always reward as much as a good communication. This is why we consider it very important to treat all the details with care in order to to present a project in the  fullest and best way


We support the process of analyzing reports to understand where, when and what should be considered when we plan campaigns. All reports are always available to  the artist by using credentials supplied by us for access to our platform.


SIAE ?! No thanks. We prefer to direct our artists towards more ethical and transparent reality such as Soundreef and Patamu.

Why Angapp?

You’re free to go whenever you want, along with your work.

One of the most frequent case in the intricate  relationship between artist and label is the opera theft. When you sign a contract (with indie labels or majors), in most cases, along with the proceeds from sales and from reproduction also it confers the paternity of editorial work itself. This means that the artist is the owner of his work but not of the editions related to it. Because of this perverse mechanism, most of the time the works are abandoned and the profit  never gets acknowledged by the artist who, in most cases, is not informed in a transparent way about the trend sale/streaming of his work.

What do we earn?

Our primary mission is to expand our network. We aim to acquire  a catalog of quality works to  submit  to festivals and events. We do not  hold any kind of control over your work. Wherever the record is produced in our studios, we retain 50% of the proceeds from digital distribution. Instead, wherever the production is already made  for distribution, we retain 30%.